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In anticipation of Fruit #4, a walk down memory lane…

Here is an excerpt from “a ceremony celebrating the formal apostolic alignment of Todd Bentley,” as described by C. Peter Wagner.  With much pomp and ceremony, culminating in the giving of a ring to “seal the commission,” following the Lord Himself speaking left and right through pretty much everybody on the stage about His delight in Todd’s righteousness and the mighty revival the whole earth would experience through him, Todd was “aligned” and “commissioned,” by three “apostles” (SORRY for all the quotation marks…let it be known that I am not making these things up!), named Che Ann, John Arnott, and Bill Johnson:

You can find Bill Johnson’ speech around minute 4, but I’ve transcribed it for you, as follows:

“When David wanted Uriah killed, he sent him into battle and then withdrew from him.  As a company of people, we refuse to do that.  Many revivals through history have been cut short of their intention of God’s destiny and the intention over individuals because of jealousies and fears that get stirred up in the people of God, and we refuse to do that.  We shape the course of history by partnering with you, giving honor where it is due.  You welcome the glory as well as anybody I have ever seen in my whole life.  I long to learn from you in that.  And I bless you.  And I pray with the rest of these that the measure of glory would increase.  That Moses would not longer be considered the high water mark, where the glory shone from his face, but instead the revelation of the goodness of God would change the face of the church. And that He would use your voice, use your grace, your anointing, to alter the face of the Church before the world, that the goodness of the Lord would be seen once again.  I pray this over you in Jesus’ name.”

–Bill Johnson

In case you are not familiar with Todd Bentley, and his “Lakeland Revival,”

Todd Bentley was mentored by “prophet” Bob Jones.  He is infamous for his raucous ministry which includes kicking and punching people for their healing, believing he was commanded by the Holy Spirit to do so, for visitations from the angel “Emma,”  and for sexual scandal.  His pre-conversion background is of severe sexual crimes which you can read about here and here, including, by his own account, being “involved in a sexual assault ring.” He was convicted at age 15 of sexually assaulting a young boy.  Drug use and crime were his lifestyle until his conversion at age 18, shortly before he began his official ministry.  Below, in the quotes, you can hear one prophet tell Todd that Jesus chose him to spread revival over the earth “because of his background.”  She repeats this three times, supposedly speaking as an oracle of the Spirit, shaking, as she prophesies over him.   After this commissioning, In the midst of the “revival,” Todd was exposed as actively alcoholic and in adultery with his children’s nanny.   He resolved this by divorcing his wife, and marrying the nanny.  They now minister together.    Here’s a little video to introduce Todd’s revival ministry which according to the “prophets,” so moved and blessed the Lord, and was “straight from His heart.”

BUT SURELY, you say, when the truth was revealed, Bill Johnson and the others fell on their faces before God, having eyes to see that instead of the Spirit speaking oracles through them, in fact, He had been making a public spectacle of them, discrediting them for all to plainly see.  Surely, since they are such experts on the movement of the Spirit, they could see that His chastisement had reached epic, public proportions.  Surely, they fell to their knees and repented, asking forgiveness from God and from the body of Christ for prophesying falsely, for starters.

No, actually not.  Not having eyes to see that “drop-kicking old ladies” was not “straight from God’s heart” or the revival God had “wanted for centuries,” they also did not have eyes to see that their false god (while very good at shaking Stacy Campbell’s head and bringing forth loud and powerful speeches) was  powerless to do even a fraction of all the hubris they had prophesied, and definitely powerless to “anoint” Todd with “love of righteousness, delight in integrity and virtue and uprightness of heart, thought and action” (you will find all these in the quotes below), the real God was warning His people of these blind leaders of the blind.  Here is Bill Johnson on Todd Bentley:

Such a beautiful, emotionally moving (sensual) deception.  If you pursue God by means of the senses, you will love Bill Johnson every time.  He really is unparalleled.  You will always feel real good after a dose of Bill.  And these “webpage” writers…they’re the worst of all.  🙂

Here are some nuggets from the other “apostles” and “prophets” frpm that fateful day (some are unnamed because I didn’t recognize them):

“Recognizing that God has chosen you and appointed you to bear much and lasting fruit at this Lakeland Revival and in revival around the world, recognizing that he has called you as an Ephesians 4 evangelist, and a revivalist, moving in signs and wonders, knowing that you have walked in a manner worthy of the lord, pleasing Jesus in every way, bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the intimacy and knowledge of God, we as your brothers and your friends who have a deep love for you, Shauna, for your whole family, we just have seen you…we are here to stand with you, support you, and we are here to commission you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the power of Jesus’ name, with special oil from Chuck Pierce (it’s called “revival oil”), Chuck could not make it, , but he sent it Fedex special oil for you, he’s in africa.  And so we anoint you in Jesus’ name. ”  –Che Ann, who later put a ring on Todd’s finger to “seal the commission.”  At this point, Todd was blown down to the stage, by the power of the commissioning or the “revival oil,” we are not told.)

‘The Lord says, “You are well-pleasing, son.” …the anointing He wants to release upon you is in Psalm 45, but it’s also in Hebrews 1:9, it says, “Because you have loved righteousness, and you have delighted in integrity, in virtue and uprightness in heart in thought and action, and you have hated injustice and iniquity, therefore God, your god, has anointed you with the oil of exultant joy and gladness above and beyond your companions.”  

‘The spirit came on me and said, “Todd, because you asked like very few men on the earth have asked to see my glory, I will begin a revival through you that will pass beyond gifts into the very heart that moves God to release gifts to His children…Todd, I have chosen you because of your background, because of your background, because of your background to release my nature when you release my gifts, to become a living epistle like the Word that became flesh and people saw the glory of God.  And I will use you to father a movement that operates in such revival power but it is coming out of the very nature and heart of God, and you will teach people how to behold God until they are transformed from glory to glory…You are the first-fruits of that generation of nation-changers that will release the glory of God in all its fullness.”  Stacey Campbell

“You’re a man of God, you’re a man of prayer, you’re a man of the Spirit, you love the anointing…thank you, Holy Spirit, for raising up this young man to lead such a might charge around the world.  We stand with you, we encourage you, and we honor you.”  John Arnott

“For the Lord would say unto thee that this day, you have loosened upon this earth, yay, what I have wanted for centuries to come forth…a kingly anointing which will bring forth money, money, money…”

“Todd, the Spirit of God says that years from now, people will look at this time and they will recognize it as when their God showed up and created within the church a new heart, says the Lord.  And I will Genesis in the midst of the chaos in the world today, and I will bring not just bring a mending, But I will bring forth that which is new, that which is dedicated, that which is decided, that which is pure, and I will heal the corruptness of the heart, says God…”

The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule on their own authority; And My people love it so! But what will you do at the end of it?  Jeremiah 5:31 (NASB)


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