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Question #8: Does IHOP believe in the first coming of Christ?

This post is part of a series, primarily aimed at parents who have questions about sending their son or daughter to IHOPU or young people who want to know what they are getting into there at IHOPU or the wider IHOP-KC community.

Don’t look under the wrong bush here.  If you think you will find a denial of Jesus first coming, His death, His resurrection, the virgin birth or the atonement on their statement of faith, you are wrong.  You won’t.  You will find a squeaky-clean evangelical rendition of orthodoxy.

So if they believe in the complete work of the Cross, why doesn’t someone just walk into the Prayer Room and yell, ‘It is FINISHED!!!”  The musicians could look at each other, embrace with glee, and dismantle the stage.  The intercessors could wipe the sweat off their foreheads, grab a lozenge, and walk out into the sunshine to contemplate getting a real job.  The sacred chargers could be un-charged and the rockers could be still!  Wow, IT IS FINISHED!  Jesus CAME!!!

Misty could stop begging the Holy Spirit to come and fall on us, because HE ALREADY DID!  1 John 2:24-27

Instead of writing and singing mournful ballads of longing turning the cross into spiritualized Harlequin romance, as young people led by women and effeminate crooners seek and strive ever harder to experience the amorous excitations of a bridegroom God, they could jump up and just believe what Jesus simply said, “Greater love has no man than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.” Jn. 15:13  (NB:  friendsnot bride or lover).  Let me think what that would look like–Hey, maybe like the Lord turning our mourning into dancing?

I have already addressed the false prophecies that are foundational to IHOP which appeal to a demonic lust for power and natural human ambition.  But there is an even worse form of prophecy.  What could be worse, you ask?

Prophecies that by their very nature deny the completeness of the work of Christ, the tearing of the veil, the consecration of believers, the new birth, the complete atonement, the absolute victory over sin and death, the resurrection life, etc.  Please, don’t tear off for the statement of faith to find out what they really believe.  After two thousand years of church history, we should realize why the Lord commanded us to discern the fruit of prophets and teachers.  If you want to know what people believe, look at what they do.

The topic I’m trying to address is really a book-long one, but I am going to write a short blog post, so I will clarify my points up front.

1)  Were the foundations of IHOPKC laid in faith or unbelief (by those foundations I mean the prophetic foundations that tore Mike away from Great Commission obedience into new extra-biblical mandates which have become the doctrines and practices of IHOPKC)?

2)  Does IHOPKC operate in the biblical power of the Gospel (Rom. 1:17), or are they embracing a “form of godliness, denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5)?

3)  Is IHOPKC faithfully teaching young believers to take hold of the completed work of Christ and their new identities in Christ, or giving them elaborate mechanisms by which they can attempt to earn sanctified identities?

4) What does IHOPKC’s foundational unbelief, works-based form of godliness, and denial of the finished work of the Cross open the door to in their midst?

As I said, it would really take a book to answer all these questions, because there are simply hundreds, if not thousands of examples of the real-world, de facto beliefs of IHOPKC.  But I will answer each with one brief example or story.

1)  Were the foundations of IHOPKC laid in faith or unbelief?

Here is Mike Bickle, reviewing events in the Overview of our Prophetic History from 1989,

“…But Bob Jones comes again and says, ‘One of my missions in this whole supernatural
thing is to convince you it’s real…things won’t be secure until you believe that. You’ll be prone
to do this or that or the other that will end up being contrary to this movement if you do not
understand that something more than a local fellowship is being birthed…’ And the Lord speaks
to us and says, ‘Repentance.’ And He speaks audibly to Bob Jones Psalms 130, that He’d forgiven us.” (OPH, p. 11, 19)

So Bob Jones had a mission.  Was it the biblical mission of preaching the Word of truth, imparting faith to his hearers?  What was he sent to convince them to believe?  Was it as Jesus said to us, to believe His words?  To believe in Him whom He (the FAther) had sent?  To believe the Gospel?  To repent and believe that Today is the day of Salvation?


To believe in the movement.  To convince Christians that “this supernatural thing is real.”

Don’t miss this.  Then, he claims to hear the AUDIBLE VOICE OF GOD, telling them that they are, indeed, forgiven. WHAT???????

If these “believers” were so unfounded and infantile in their faith that they were unsure if they were forgiven…if they needed to hear it from a prophet…there was only ONE thing to preach and that was the gospel found in the Word of God which once and for all exclaims that those who come to Him find forgiveness of sins, and that He is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness when we confess our sins!  This is ABC Gospel Christian Faith 101, folks, and any “prophet” who thought his place is to pronounce forgiveness of sins on God’s people ought to be ousted from the congregation quicker than you can say, “Ever heard of the protestant reformation?”  Who is this heretic?  Why didn’t Mike Bickle kick him out then for such a blatant unbelief in the established word of Scripture?  Even the Jews opposing Jesus knew that no man can pronounce forgiveness!  What preacher or believer receives a pronouncement of forgiveness from any source other than God Almighty in the Scripture?  What believer waits for a prophetic word that he or she is forgiven?  An unbelieving one!  If you don’t believe that when you confess your sins in repentance, you are forgiven, what exactly do you believe?  Bob Jones’ prophecies alighted on a fertile field of unbelief.

If you ever explore more of his prophecies to Mike, IHOPKC, and elsewhere, you’ll notice this same theme of unbelief.  He consistently prophesies to the church transformations, consecrations, activities, and identities that were once and for all completely established by the work of Christ on the cross.  If you can get past the nonsense and occultic activity to hear some clear speaking, you’ll hear him prophesy to the church that this year (he gives annual prophecies identifying in every unverifiable way what God is up to in the coming year) God is gonna do what people of faith know GOD HAS ALREADY DONE.  It’s conveniently difficult to pin down how his constant use of Old Testament prophecies and passages are heretical, until you see the big picture:  doesn’t he know this was done at the Cross?

This same theme (drawing faith for extra-biblical revelation from believers’ deep well of doubt of the biblical ones) is CORE to everything IHOP is.  I’ll not forget the former missionary, now a famous IHOP speaker, who visited churches telling the story of his exit from the mission field into a life of prayer and fasting, because his experience was that “there was no power.”  I wish I could say that he then went on to see from scripture that the POWER of salvation is in the gospel (Rom. 1:16), realized that his youthful arrogance probably did not lend itself to great authority in the mission field,  repented of his unbelief and went back to work.  But he didn’t.  Instead, consumed by his sin of unbelief but too prideful to admit it,  he bought the IHOPKC doctrine that the power of God is YET to be released in full and that God is not asking us to obey His instructions to make disciples of the nations right now by proclaiming Jesus’ absolute victory over sin and death, but to come back and pray and fast UNTIL there is a release of supernatural power.  So now he is an IHOP missionary, going around convincing whole churches to take a load off from the difficult labor of being fruitful, obedient believers, because it’s not time to obey yet anyway.  How many scripture verses does this defy?  So many, but I”ll quote one in which Jesus told His disciples that the harvest is white, but the laborers are few.  Mat. 9:37

2)  Does IHOPKC operate in the biblical power of the Gospel (Rom. 1:17), or are they embracing a “form of godliness, denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:5)?

One of the most popular ministers in their “Prophecy Rooms” was a very demonized man who terrorized his wife and rejected his young son, also very tormented and oppressed to the point that he could not be in company with other children his age.  This man may have been one of the most demonized persons I have met, outside of the fully insane.  I won’t describe his specific behaviors as they are personal in nature, and my heart goes out to him.  He is one for whom Christ died, and his deliverance drew nigh when Jesus Christ, the hope of the world, came and defeated every evil power, disarming them at the Cross.

He was popular because he was, like Paul Cain and Bob Jones, extremely “prophetic.”  A more accurate word might be “clairvoyant.”  He could tell people things there was no natural way he knew, and minister to their emotions with finesse. He had no job, but he stayed busy visiting the prayer room, and ministering in the Prophecy Rooms.  He was there for many years, growing worse and not better.

I remember talking with the lovely couple who had taken a pastoral role over this man and his wife, which in essence amounted to the demonized man spending hours talking through his crazy thoughts with a very patient listener, making no headway.  The pastor and his wife readily agreed that the man was extremely demonized.  They shook their heads sadly.  They saw it as their role to continue to patiently minister listening ears to him until such a day as God saw fit to deliver him.  There was one point in the conversation when they rose up in some conviction.  It was when we posited to them that this man was not repentant, and was fundamentally rebellious towards the Lord, in many readily demonstrable ways, especially his background in the occult.  “Are you saying he’s not delivered because he has not repented?”  they said, incredulous at the thought. “Why do you think someone claiming to be a believer would be tormented by demons?”  we asked.  We could not understand.  What gospel were they preaching?

As time went on, we discovered they believed the same unbelieving doctrines the whole community did.  To IHOPKC, deliverance was something this God would readily let His blood-bought believers toil on without, bound and tormented, until some arbitrary day when He decided to release them.  Repentance?  Sin?  These were totally irrelevant to these high-minded spiritual experts!  The true gospel was totally obscured in a strange system of unbelief in which all that Jesus accomplished in His death and resurrection were going to someday be released through their extravagant labors of intercession!  The most poignant example of this I can think of was the exhibition of unbelief that took place at the so-called “Awakening.”  Anyone who had the misfortune to be a witness of this would have seen person after person stand up and testify to an encounter with a spirit which gave them a feeling of being released from bondage to sin or evil spirits.  Many of these were the young people in the community, students and interns who had been struggling in their slavery for years, while faithfully serving their duties of prayer room hours, IHOPU classes on Apostolic Preaching and other ironically un-realized spiritual fantasies, and fasting to the point of injury.  And there they stood.  Testifying not to the power of the cross and their full deliverance from sin and bondage through repentance and faith.  No, testifying to an encounter with a spirit.  And the people rejoiced, as if the Messiah was finally come…

It was then we began to realize that we were dealing with another gospel.

3 & 4 in the next post.

To view the “prophet of God” in the nonsense and occultism, here is a video of Bob Jones with his protege, Todd Bentley, and Patricia King.  In minute 8, you can listen to his prescription for getting free from the “hooks” of the enemy.  It is not repentance, the cross, or the gospel…:


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    • Thank you, Joseph. It is always encouraging to hear someone say they are doing research. I hope to convince more people to take that approach toward all extra-biblical doctrines and revelations. 🙂

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